Community Coaching

PACE aims to develop the skills, knowledge and experiences of all members and volunteers, providing them with a greater chance of seeking out employment opportunities and contributing to their independence.

One of the ways PACE does this, is by providing members and volunteers with opportunities to complete accredited courses, providing them with formal qualifications.

As a provider of inclusive and adapted multi-sport services, PACE regularly receives enquiries from a wide range of organisations, requesting support in the delivery of projects and services that will meet their objectives.

For this reason, PACE has developed the Community Coaching Service.

What we do

PACE provides suitable volunteers and members with the opportunity to complete accredited coaching courses, receiving a formal qualification.

Coaches can then develop their practical experience at PACE, supporting us with the delivery of our services.

When experienced and qualified, coaches will be offered opportunities to deliver projects either for PACE, or in partnership with other organisations. This can lead to paid employment opportunities for our coaches.

Some of the coaching courses that our volunteers and members have completed include;

  • FA Level 1 and 2
  • Boccia Leaders Award
  • UK Athletics Level 1
  • Adapting Sport and Physical Activity
  • Tri-Golf Level 1

In the past, our coaches have delivered projects for and supported organisations such as;

  • Boccia England
  • London Youth
  • Ealing Council
  • Local schools
  • Local day centres

Who is it for?

PACE members and volunteers who are enthusiastic, motivated and want an opportunity to develop their coaching skills and experience, with a view to coaching in the community.

Coaches who want to support PACE with the delivery of their services, whilst being provided with opportunities for paid employment when appropriate.

Where do sessions take place?

Coaching courses take place at a variety of locations in and around London. PACE will aim to find a suitable course that fits in with the coaches time and location requirements.

Following completion of the course, coaches will then be provided with opportunities to develop their practical coaching experience at any of the following PACE services;

  • PACE Multi-sport and Leisure
  • PACE Boccia
  • Multi-sport Challenge Days

When coaches are experienced and qualified, they may receive opportunities to deliver sessions for a variety of different organisations, at a location of their choice. For this reason, coaches must be able to travel independently.

If you would like any more information about this service, or are interested in coaching groups of mixed ability participants, please contact Sunil by calling 07983 392 223 or emailing