PACE aims to empower all members to take greater control over the decisions and processes that directly affect their lives.

Many disabled people can encounter barriers in their everyday lives, preventing them from doing something a non-disabled person may do with ease. Examples of this can be found in employment, social inclusion, accessing transport, developing skills, education and many more.

In order to empower members, PACE aims to develop their skills, confidence, knowledge and experiences, as well as offering practical advice that is tailored to their needs and circumstances.

For this reason, PACE2independence has been set up, providing members with a service that aims to overcome barriers they may face.

What we do

PACE aims to empower all members by supporting them to develop their skills and overcome challenges they may face in their lives.

Sessions are either 121 or small group sessions, where barriers and challenges faced by the PACE member are identified.

The barriers and challenges will be broken down and the PACE member will be supported at various stages of the process, with the intention of enabling them to overcome the challenge independently in the future.

Currently, this service offers support in the following areas;

  • Completing forms and applications for grants, funding etc.
  • Creating a CV, writing personal statements and seeking out employment opportunities.
  • Development of PC and administrative skills.
  • Support in developing confidence and direction.

Who is it for?

This service is open to all disabled people who are encountering specific challenges in their lives.

Disabled people who are searching for employment opportunities can also access this service, supporting them to develop the necessary skills required to fulfill their role in a job that they would like.

Furthermore, individuals who would like to develop their administrative and IT skills can access this service, where practical work experience and support will be provided.

PACE2independence also open to PACE volunteers and people who want to support disabled people to overcome these challenges and improve their quality of life.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions take place every Thursday afternoon, from 2-4pm at the PACE Head Office, in Northolt.

Alternative sessions can be arranged at other times during the week, dependent on the availability of the PACE staff required to deliver the service.

For more information about accessing this service, please contact Sunil on 07983 392 223 or email