Seven brave volunteers bungee jumping for PACE

Published October 29, 2014

On December 14th 2014, Daveshee, Darvesh, Jyoti, Harj, Deepak, Bharti and Anil will be bungee jumping 160 feet off Middlesborough bridge, all to raise money for PACE.

This is the second fundraising event organised by Daveshee and her friends/family. They completed a skydive in April and have been on the search for their next extreme challenge since.

If you’d like to sponsor any of the jumpers, please click here

When asked about the bungie jump, Daveshee said…

Bungee jumping has always been something that I’ve wanted to do, so doing it in support of PACE seemed like the perfect combination.

As a volunteer at PACE, I not only see the hard work that goes into running each session, but also the positive impact it has on the members. Ultimately we not only want to raise money for PACE but also raise awareness about the charity and the great work that they do.

We are hoping to raise 1500 with your help but would love to exceed this target! Any kind of support is really appreciated.

Good luck to all of the bungee jumpers!

If you’re interested in finding out the many ways which you can fundraise for PACE, please email or call 07983 392 223.

Bungie jumpers


1 Response to “Seven brave volunteers bungee jumping for PACE”

  1. Krishna Birdy November 3, 2014

    Daveshee, you and your friends are so brave, thank you so much for supporting PACE…..good luck and take care, Krishna x