Satellite Boccia Clubs

Boccia is a paralympic sport, with Great Britain medalling at the last three Paralympics. Currently, there are pan-disability pathways in place for disabled people to compete regionally and nationally. Eligible athletes that receive a BC1-4 classification could potentially go on to compete internationally.

PACE Boccia aims to develop satellite clubs in schools and local organisations, providing opportunities for players of all abilities to participate, whilst potentially unearthing the next rising superstar of the game.

Drills are delivered, incorporating a wide range of physical and mental skills, including co-ordination, communication, risk taking and decision making. These skills are then developed in a match environment, exposing students to pressure, expectation, as well as developing emotional strategies to handle success and failure.

Our programmes incorporates numeracy, logic, problem-solving, maths and physics skills, presented in a hands-on format that is practical and may be easier to understand for some students. Staff in schools often report improvements amongst their students in confidence, self-expectation, contributions in class, as well as responsibility levels.


Schools are encouraged to enter the National Schools League, and are provided with support and opportunities to enter competitions within the local community, including friendly matches against our own National League 2017 winning PACE A team!

All PACE coaches are qualified, experienced and DBS checked.