PACE Jack Petchey trip to London Zoo

Published August 29, 2017

Congratulations to Jamie Keat, who received the Jack Petchey Achievement Award in June.

Jamie joined PACE in 2012, aged seven years old. Over the past five years, Jamie has developed to become a crucial member in the PACE A team, helping them win this seasons Boccia National League Finals.

With his new boccia ramp, Jamie is keen to work hard and take the next step in his boccia career.

PACE members said the following things about Jamie when nominating him…

Jamie is a nice guy

He’s always friendly and easy to talk to

He makes me laugh!

Jamie chose to treat the PACE members on a day trip out to London Zoo. The trip took place on August the 12th with thirty three PACE members attending. They got to see lots of different animals, ranging in all shapes and sizes.

On why Jamie chose the zoo, Jamie’s father Nick Keat said:

Jamie loves the zoo, and thought that it would have something great for all ages at PACE, so it was really good to see such a large turn out and we were lucky with the weather too. We saw dinosaurs there which were new, and were something that we didn’t expect since they are extinct, but the models were very lifelike and almost appeared real. A great day out and fun for everyone!

Finally, thank you to everyone for making the trip such a success.



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