Reshad is called up to represent England at the Polska Boccia International

Published September 1, 2016


Congratulations to Reshad Saraj, who will receive his first England cap playing for the international squad at the Polska Boccia International, in Poznan, Poland. The journey to Poland will begin on the 5th of October, with competition beginning on the 7th and lasting three days.

This is fantastic news for Reshad and for PACE, he is the first PACE athlete to compete at international level and hopefully won’t be the last!

Since being selected for England in September 2015, Reshad has been working hard to reach his goals and has had a successful season, including a 14-match unbeaten run, a gold medal at the National Championships and a 6th place finish at the GB Championships 2016.

Reshad has managed to maintain a high level of training and progression over the course of this season, whilst balancing his  personal life with the demands of being an international boccia athlete.

When asked about how he felt, Reshad said…

I’m incredibly honoured to represent England at my first international competition, in Poland on the 7th of October. I really couldn’t do it without my team (mum, Nigel, Matt, Sunil and Andrea) they’ve all made me into the player I am today. Although I was hard to change, they stuck with it and helped me realise there is so much more I can do with myself. I’m so so thankful. I’d also like to thank my friends and family for their support. Last but not forgotten, my team mates. You guys drive me to become better and I couldn’t pick a better club than PACE and their boccia team for this magnificent journey. BRING ON POLAND!!

Best of luck to Reshad, everybody at PACE will be cheering for you!

Reshad checks out the measure

Reshad checks out the measure

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