The BE Cup Review

Published February 15, 2017

The BE Cup is one the most important competitions in the Boccia season and took place on the 5th of Febuary in Hatfield. This year, two PACE Boccia athletes represented PACE at the BE Cup, Reshad in the BC2 category and Jamie in the BC3 category.

The BC3 category has always been very competitive, and this year’s matches were no different. Jamie, like in previous years was placed in a tough group:

Richard Amos – Current BC3 BE Cup National Champion

Will Arnott – Current England player.

Jonah Wright – Ex England Lions player

Jamie, going into these matches knew it was going to be tough so he decided to focus on his own game. In all three matches, Jamie used the lay-up shot (propelling your ball close to the Jack Ball) to great effect, trying to limit the score and space. The years of experience of Jamie’s opponents were on show, adapting their game to unlock Jamie’s defence. Even though Jamie lost his matches, he played extremely well.

After a really successful season last year, Reshad was determined to keep the momentum going. His first match was against Jason Rolph, a very experienced Boccia player. With the success of last year, came the added pressure of being one of the favourites. That didn’t faze Reshad however; he took control from the first end, scoring three points. On his opponent’s Jack he went long, in the effort to try and score some big points. Reshad played some great shots to secure those ends and secure the victory 15-0.

After the win, Reshad was feeling confident going into his next match against Dan Bentley. Their matches are always high quality and intense and this one was no different. Both players played some great shots. Reshad laying up to the Jack, Dan knocking it off and getting closer. Reshad edged to victory with the score of 6-2!

Reshad’s last match of the day was against William Hipwell. Reshad controlled the game from the start if his signature Jack and first ball. William pushed Reshad with some great shots. One in particular, a lob shot, hitting the Jack Ball, pushing it back so he was scoring. Reshad followed that shot up with a great lay up to the left side of the Jack to win the end and secure the victory and the gold medal! The final score was 4-1!

Congratulations to every PACE athlete that competed in both competitions. The next competitions take place on the weekend of 26th of March 2017 at Hatfield.


Reshad with his gold medal

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