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Life in lock-down: Reshad Saraj

Published April 28, 2020

Hello again… As we approach (or surpass depending when this is published) a full month since the UK went into lock-down – March 22nd if anybody was curious. I want to take this time to congratulate everyone on this somewhat morbid anniversary. Look at it on the bright side, another 59 months to go (5 years) until the whole of the UK gets a piece of wood according to anniversary etiquette and traditions – I might do a whole blog on this subject, but until we reach this momentous occasion, I thought we’d mark the one month mark with something […]

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Ode to the NHS

Published April 15, 2020

As we enter the fourth week of lockdown, or as I have dubbed it “A house pet’s dream,” I’m working on the name – please humour me. After experiencing, rather agonisingly, a beautiful sunny Easter combined with the sobering daily rising death toll, the extension of the lock-down and that the One show is still on every night where Eastenders got cut to two nights a week (yes, I’m still not over it), it is completely understandable that your/our resolve could start to weaver. (Side-note: my salted caramel Kit-Kat Easter egg was too salty – who would have figured). So […]

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Living through Groundhog Day

Published April 2, 2020

If you said to me at the beginning of 2020 that I’d have to ration my EastEnders viewing to twice a week, and that Wrestlemania – WWE’s, the whole wrestling industry’s biggest show of the year – will be aired over two nights with no audience due a global pandemic – I would probably give you a longer than required exasperated look, offer of a cup of tea and watch…… episode of EastEnders. But, here we are, at the start of April where two of my favourite guilty pleasures, shows that are well into their 1000th episode of viewing are effectively hamstrung by, Covid-19, or […]

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