PACE is a voluntary organisation, without the support of our enthusiastic, committed and motivated volunteers, PACE would not be able to function.

We welcome volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds, as we believe a diverse workforce of volunteers would be best equipped to handle the varying needs, beliefs and expectations of our members.

Why volunteer at PACE?

You will be working in a rewarding role and will have opportunities to make new friends, support disabled people and take part in activities. PACE has a good track record of volunteer retention, due to the opportunities we provide and the positive, knowledge-sharing environment volunteers work within. Volunteers are valued, respected and appreciated.

All volunteers are encouraged to develop their skills and are offered appropriate training programmes. Some examples of courses our volunteers have completed include;

  • FA Level 1 & 2 Football Coaching Award
  • UK Athletics Coaching Award
  • Tri-Golf Level 1
  • Disability Equality Training
  • Website Design
  • Deaf Awareness in Sport
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable People
  • First Aid

 How can I volunteer at PACE?

Volunteering at PACE is easy and there are many different roles available, including;

  • Sports support worker
  • Coaching
  • Administration assistants

You will be invited to a PACE session to observe the group and how we adapt our activities, ensuring full participation.

Following your initial session, you’ll be required to register with PACE, which will allow you to access the Induction Training course and Adapting Sport and Physical Activity course. These two courses are essential for all PACE volunteers to understand their roles, barriers and challenges faced by disabled people and how they can be overcome.

All volunteers are required to complete a DBS (formerly known as CRB), which can be done at PACE. This is crucial for volunteers if they are hoping to work 121 with PACE members.

When you’re trained and have received your DBS (formerly known as CRB), you’ll be able to develop your experience working with our members at PACE. Volunteers can then become Team Leaders, after they have developed their understanding of the organisation and how we can support disabled people.

There are many PACE services which require volunteers throughout the week, so please make Sunil aware which days you’re looking to volunteer.

To find out more information about how you can volunteer at PACE, please contact Sunil on 07983 392 223 or email sunil@pacezone.org.uk