A Poem and Cheesecake: PACE members show their creative skills!

Published May 29, 2020

As we say our farewells to May and begin to welcome June with open arms – the vast majority of the country is, by now, well-accustomed to working from home and finding new, innovative ways to adjust to a post-Covid-19 world. PACE, of course, is playing its part in this transition, hosting the second online MSL session, which took place this past Saturday at 2pm.

Lasting for just over an hour – a grand total of 21 members and volunteers connected and exchanged their experiences about their lock-down routine. There was also the first much-needed stretch, led by Sunil Birdy, who was also hosting the session. This was the first prolonged period of exercise that many of our members had done for quite some time. And our first ever in an online environment, which led to some hilarious situations, especially when it came to the feet and the leg stretches.

Other highlights of the session included – a heartfelt poem from Chirag Shah, titled “Isolation.” The poem (which you can read in its entirety down below) perfectly distilled his thanks and appreciation for the NHS staff working tirelessly to keep us all safe and his hopes and fears of the future. Narrated by Daveshee brilliantly, it was a very poignant moment offering a chance for our members to reflect on what has happened these past few months and to look to the future.

Isolation – a poem by Chirag

Home is nice, sitting outside, looking at the be wilderness,

the lovely green pool of grass,

but it’s sad and gloomy,

filled with sadness of missing my friends,

it’s like being in a box, with nowhere out,

seeing the same faces, and hearing the same voices every day.

But when I  look at Wembley stadium, with blue NHS billboard,

I feel proud of the NHS helping people who have corona virus.


I would like to thank the doctors, carers and the whole nation,

who are risking, their lives,

to help others who have the corona virus symptoms.

By Chirag Shah


The creative minds of our members didn’t stop there, however Kavita B spent the two weeks since the last PACE online meeting preparing a lovely Biscoff Cheesecake that Mary Berry herself would be proud to call her own.

Kavita’s Biscoff Cheesecake Recipe


  1. BISCOFF BISCUITS – 1 and half packet
  2. UNSALTED BUTTER – 125 g
  5. ICING SUGER – 75g
  6. VANILLA FLAVOURING – 1 tablespoon
  7. DOUBLE CREAM – 280ml
  8. BISCOFF SPREAD – 400 g
  9. USE 8”-10” spring form cake tin or any deep dish




  1. crush biscuits and mix with melted butter.
  2. Transfer mixture into a cake tin or dish
  3. press it down firmly with spoon or finger tips.




  1. Melt 380g white chocolate in the microwave and leave on the side
  2. Mix CREAM CHEESE, VANILLA AND ICING SUGAR in a bowl with an electric mixer (or whisk by hand ) until smooth
  3. Add the melted chocolate and mix well
  4. In another bowl whisk the double cream until thick.
  5. Add cream to the cheese mix , gently fold in the mixture with a spoon ( not use electric whisker, fold with a spoon ) then add 3 tablespoons (300g) of BISCOFF spread and fold again.
  6. Transfer mixture to cake tin, gently spread with a spoon over the biscuit base, press down firmly to prevent air bubbles in the cake
  7. Put cake in fridge for around 3 hrs.



melt the remaining of biscoff spread and put on the top Tap tin gently to spread it all over (or spread with a spoon)

Melt remained white chocolate and put on top with a spoon ( like make dots)

Then with toothpicks spread it gently, it make marble effect



This delicious cheesecake required no cooking in the oven. The best bit for Kavita was the mixing and folding actions needed to get the perfect texture of the creamy bit. Kavita unveiled it to the PACE members to great admiration and awe from everyone amid a tinge of jealously for not being able to taste the delicious-looking cheesecake themselves. Below is the full recipe for the cheesecake.

Well done Kavita, we hope this marks the first of many wonderful dishes.

New Service – PACE presents…!

Have you ever wanted to start a new hobby?  Well, fret no longer – now you can! Introducing PACE Presents… a brand-new online service, consisting of weekly 20-minute classes over a 4-week period, designed and delivered by our amazingly talented PACE team leaders. The first PACE Presents – an Introduction to Henna – will be premiering on the 30th May, at 11.30, hosted by Kavita Varma.

If you are interested, and why wouldn’t you be, then click here to register and be notified when the class goes live. All you need is an active email address. More information on how PACE Presents… is structured and delivered, plus possible future classes (some of which may or may not in the works already) can be found here. We absolutely cannot wait for next Saturday and we hope to see you there!

It wouldn’t be a PACE session without a birthday celebration, an 18th birthday celebration no less. Saad Razzaq turned 18! Happy birthday Saad. It was a great note to end an incredible online MSL session. A big thank you to everyone who joined us, and we hope to see you this Saturday for our first ever online an introduction to Henna. Sign up here!

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