Dale prepares for the Spartan Race in October

Published September 7, 2020

Dale Jones, team leader at PACE, has recently signed up to complete the Spartan Race, on October 10th 2020, at 09.30am.

The Spartan Race is a minimum of three miles, with some courses lasting up to 26 miles. The course is filled with obstacles that participants will need to navigate their way through, in a test of skill, strength and endurance. The races are held across the world, including Canada, South Korea, Australia and multiple European countries.  More information about the Spartan Race can be found here.

Dale has been training hard for the race, and this will be his second major fundraising event for PACE, after he completed the Tough Mudder in 2018.

Best of luck to Dale, and thank you for thinking of PACE!

If you’d like to support PACE by sponsoring Dale, you can do by going to his fundraising page, which can be found here.

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