First PACE Online of 2021: looking back on 2020

Published January 22, 2021

2021 is finally here! And we couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the new year with PACE online. This was the first PACE Online since the Christmas break – so as expected a lot of talk of family celebrations, including classic Christmas dinners – and whether they’re going out of fashion – and lastly, online Zoom calls, where many members connected with extended family in lockdown. Many photos were shared during this conversation they were lots of photos shared comparing each other’s Christmas banquets and every one of them looked delicious. 

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After a 20-minute discussion of food is there a better follow up than a 15-minute stretch to try and shave of those Christmas pounds? Because that’s exactly what happened, and judging by the strained faces it was definitely needed. 



We finished the session of with the first PACE Comedy Club of the year. Despite the extended break PACE members haven’t lost their sense of humour. It was a very close race but a joke about a bank balance and pushing someone over…. (Get it?) won out in the end. We couldn’t be more excited to see what jokes are in store for everyone. 

We also welcomed Kavita Verma, our newest Team Leader to PACE! Kavita has helped us get one of our newest services, PACE Presents… off the ground last year. The standard of her work has helped PACE to deliver brilliant sessions with exceptional results from our members. Kavita’s desire to meet the needs of our members, and thought processes she goes through when adapting her activities, has demonstrated that we would really benefit from having her on our team. By providing her professional services in a voluntary capacity, she has provided members with relief, an opportunity to express themselves, and the encouragement, to develop their talents further. A couple of examples of the work she has supported members to produce can be found below.

Congratulations also went out to our Jack Petchey 2020 Achievement Award winners – Ekeama and Alma! They both embody what makes PACE so great. Both of them always bringing their 100% best effort to everything they do while bringing out the best in others. We couldn’t think of two better recipients for this award. To recognise the brilliant commitment throughout the year in supporting the PACE online services and input in making PACE Pals, a much needed service, so popular and successful, Alex Dukes was awarded the Don Taylor Trophy. Well done Alex, you thoroughly deserve this recognition.


 It was a great to reconnect with the PACE community in 2021 and look forward to many more sessions and activities, showcasing PACE Members amazing talents.

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