Japanese Art Classes run by Jack Petchey Winner – Reika

Published March 12, 2019

Congratulations to Reika Kaji, who has won the first Jack Petchey Award at PACE for 2019.

Since joining PACE, Reika has had a significant impact on our boccia club. She has freely and willingly given up a large amount of time, to support our athletes with their training in Southall, as well as making long trips to Nottingham and Gloucestershire to support PACE A on their journey in the Super League.

Reika uses her boccia knowledge and experience to encourage and motivate all our athletes, whilst providing sensitive and considerate encouragement to our members.

Her loyalty to the club is fantastic, and thanks to her support, some of our athletes have now got the confidence to push themselves forward and achieve the medals that they had been dreaming of.

Reika used her Jack Petchey grant to purchase a range of equipment that allowed her to deliver a series of Japanese art workshops for the group. Making origami, along with other delicate and intricate Japanese pieces of art, was fantastic for our group, and also great to experience something that they would not have usually attempted otherwise.

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