PACE Members Reconnect during Lock-down

Published May 18, 2020

As the UK continues its transition to a new way of life – lock-down, social distancing becoming the norm, not being able to see friends and family, as well as millions working from home, our way of life has been severely disrupted in almost every way.

PACE services have of course been severely affected due to these restrictions. As isolation and mental health become more and more important and the lock-down continues, entering its second month this week – it is of the highest priority for PACE then to keep in touch with its members especially in these unprecedented times.

So last Saturday, May 9th, at 2 pm (our usual MSL time) we hosted our first-ever Zoom call, hosted by Sunil Birdy – and the response was incredible.

It was so fantastic to see our members start to join the call when 2 pm rolled around. As each member connected, they were greeted with cheers, well-wishes, and inundated with questions on what they have been up to. The call lasted an hour and a half with 15 people all re-connecting, and reminiscing, we also celebrated missed birthdays, complete with terrible singing. The members were also keen to share their ideas on how they have kept motivated and mentally stimulated while stuck at home. Examples included writing poetry, learning Spanish, and leading a sign language class. At PACE we are always inspired by our ingenuity and willingness of our members to learn, to try something new and this is just another perfect example of this.

A great big thank you to everyone who joined us. We are truly humbled by the response from our members, once again. And lastly, please do keep an eye out for information for more events like this in the future on our social media platforms and website.

We are currently scheduling our next Zoom meeting to be held on the 23rd May, 2020, at 2 pm. This will be another chance to talk to each other about life in lock-down, but it wouldn’t be a PACE Multi-Sport session without some fun-filled stretches! We hope you can make it.

Until then, be kind to each other and stay safe.

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