PACE Online #9: Return of PACE Presents…”Stretching with Sunil”, plus battling with isolation.

Published September 21, 2020

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to winter of 2020. A sense of normality is starting to return, with both primary and secondary schools resuming. Speaking of normality, the 9th PACE has come and gone, but not without unveiling a few exciting announcements. 

Stretching with Sunil

PACE Presents is back! On Wednesday, September, 15th, at 11.30am, will be the debut of PACE Presents…Stretches with Sunil. Join us every Wednesday on Zoom, for a fully inclusive and accessible stretch, suitable for participants of all abilities! All you need to do is bring along a small towel, and a pillow or a cushion. We’ll lead you through the rest.

You can sign up for this online, inclusive and adapted programme of stretches by clicking here.

Government Updates

Late last week the government announced that they are placing a six-person meet up limit for social situations. This means, unfortunately, it looks increasingly unlikely that any PACE sessions will be resuming in the near future. The news was understandably disappointing for many of our members – of which many have been staying indoors and shielding since the beginning of March. As a result, the topic of mental health and the ways of maintaining a good and healthy balance in life, especially in the wake of a global pandemic took up the majority of the session. In true PACE fashion, it was a supportive but frank discussion on how to nurture and maintain a positive mental outlook. The overriding sentiment coming out of this discussion was that – don’t be afraid to reach out and speak to people. And if you haven’t heard from a particular person for a while, a simple text could make a world of difference to that person. 


Mental Health talk


Dale’s Spartan Race

In October, Dale Jones, PACE team leader, will be participating in the Spartan Race to raise money for PACE. The event is meagre weeks away, on October 10th, combine this with Dale’s birthday, the group thought it would be the perfect time to send Dale a personalised video birthday song.  The group also looked at some of the daunting obstacles Dale will be facing. The insurmountable wall looked to be particularly menacing. Good luck to Dale, and be sure to donate – here. 

After a long three-week hiatus, it was great to reconnect with our PACE members. The next PACE online is scheduled for 26th of September.

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