PACE Pals is growing with all-new Thursday sessions

Published March 18, 2021

Since PACE Pals began online in October 2020 and the response has been fantastic to see. PACE Pals is a weekly, hour-long session, where members can come together to discuss their favourite topics in a safe, positive environment. It was set-up to combat the negative consequences of lockdown, most critically, the effects of long-term isolation by providing an environment for our members to connect with each other during these difficult times.

Now, PACE is delighted to announce a second weekly PACE Pals session! The first of which took place on Thursday, 4th March. “The aim of new PACE Pals sessions is to give more time for our members to talk about issues that our important to them while cultivating interesting discussions into topics such as mental health, which just wouldn’t have been possible to do at a Tuesday session as well.” said Alex Dukes, one of the co-hosts of PACE Pals. “The main feedback we have received from people is that we’d like to have more PACE Pals, so it is fantastic we are able to deliver this.”

To celebrate the expansion of PACE Pals, its positive impact can be demonstrated from the people that have benefited from this service the most – the members:

“These sessions have been a life-line – having been stuck inside for so long”.

“It’s great to be able to talk to people and help each time”.

“Staying positive has been hard but PACE Pals have really helped”.

  • Members discussing their mental health during lockdown.

PACE Pals is hosted by Alex and Reshad and takes place on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5pm on Zoom. You can sign up for the next PACE Pals here. All the latest news and updates are on the PACE website.

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