Team leader Dale goes pink!

Published December 7, 2020

Dale Jones, PACE Team Leader, has always been one to take on a challenge.

As this year’s Spartan Race was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Dale has explored how he can still fundraise for PACE, despite the disappointment of his cancelled event.

Inspired by his children, and love for all things pink, Dale has decided to grow a moustache and dye it pink whilst taking his children to school.

Help make Dale’s blushes worthwhile, by sponsoring him in his quest to fundraise for PACE!

When asked about the event, Dale said…

Over the past month I have been growing a rather fetching upper lip fringe (moustache), I have been doing so in order to raise money for the charity I have been involved in for a number of years, PACE. Which promotes sports and activities for disabled people. Owing to the covid pandemic, they have not been able to raise as much money this year.  I was challenged to not only grow said moustache, but also to dye it pink for 1 day to include the school run AM and PM and also a day at work.  Embracing my inner extrovert and love of all things PINK I accepted the challenge ……

If you’d like to sponsor Dale, please click here for the link to our CAF sponsorship page.


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