National League Review: PACE B vs Brimsdown Gotchas

Published April 13, 2015

It’s that time again, another year, another exciting Boccia season ahead of us

The Pace B team had the honour of kicking their season off with two fixtures against The Brimsdown Gotchas.

Here were the teams:

PACE B: Hitesh (c), Sandip, Arti

Brimsdown Gotchas: Joe (c), Emily, Jake

The first match was a nervous, tense match for both teams. The Brimsdown Gotchas, to their credit, coped with it rather well and capitalised on PACE’s missed shots. Most of the action was down the middle of the court with space either side of the Jack. Special mention goes out to the Brimsdown Gotchas’ captain, Joe, who pulled off some great shots to win some points.

After a time out, PACE improved. In the 4th end, Arti pulled off a great shot under pressure to secure the point.

The nervous start however, cost them in the end. With the first match finishing 6-1 to the Brimsdown Gotchas.

PACE started the second match much better. Noticing in the first match that the Brimsdown Gotchas play best at medium range, PACE elected to play the Jack short, with good effect. This resulted in the Brimsdown Gotchas overpowering some of their shots and after good play from PACE, the team netted some points.

However, the Brimsdown Gotchas responded with some great shots across the board from their team and came out on top to win 9-2.

Speaking after the match, the Brimsdown Gotchas’ captain, Joe, said ”the team played great” and that he “can’t wait for the next match“.

Congratulations to the Brimsdown Gotchas!

PACE B team captain, Hitesh, said that he was “disappointed” with the result and the team will “do better next match“.

I’m sure you will Hitesh :)

Match report written by Alex Dukes

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