PACE Athlete Selected for the Boccia UK Squad

Published April 11, 2022

PACE is absolutely thrilled to announce that one of our Boccia athletes, Reshad Saraj has been selected to represent Great Britain at the forthcoming Boccia World Championship in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 

Reshad will be the first PACE athlete to represent Great Britain. In his 13 year Boccia journey, Reshad has demonstrated enormous natural talent for the game, but perhaps more importantly, an amazing desire, work ethic and self belief to work towards one simple goal: to represent his country playing Boccia – the sport he loves. 

Speaking on his selection to the squad in his announcement on Facebook, Reshad wrote;

 Wow!! It’s finally happened, my decade+ long ambition to play Boccia for my country has finally arrived.

I have been selected to play for Boccia UK at the forthcoming World Championship Competition in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 

It has been a long, long journey with so many ups and downs, but it has been worth it. I’m so proud to have been selected to represent my country – but despite the commitment and the challenges over the last 12 years the real work starts here!

I am determined to do my very best to help support the BC1/2 team and help maintain Boccia UK’s enviable record in the international competitions, as well as individual player. 

It’s an exciting time and I’m so looking forward to the challenges ahead – thank you Boccia UK!”

We all wish Reshad the best in the competitions and cannot wait to see one of our own PACE athletes on court, at the highest level, representing Great Britain.

Congratulations to Reshad and everybody involved in this achievement. We will all be watching to see how he gets on, and will share any live streams through our social media.


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