PACE B Team: Tense Finish at London League Competitions

Published May 21, 2023

The Boccia Super League is the biggest, most prestigious league in the country, a competition the PACE A Team are currently competing in. 

The PACE B Team is striving to break through into the Super League. To do this, they have to come first in the London League for a chance to play in Sheffield in a tournament against regional champions. 

The League standings were very close at the end of the first day in April. All the teams – Hackney Warriors, Farnham Boccia Club, and Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) could still top the table, so the pressure was on PACE B to perform and clinch the top spot comfortably. 

The team line-up was: Hitesh (c), Savraj, Arinze and Chirag. PACE B got straight into business, finishing off a match from the first round against RHN. They didn’t let the long break disrupt their rhythm, taking advantage of openings, and scoring big points. The final score was 21-0 to PACE B. 

Points in this season’s London League are very, very important with the teams so close to each other. 

The B team’s next match was again against RHN. There was a slight change in PACE B’s line-up, with Chirag coming in for Savraj for his debut in the team. 

PACE B won the match semi-convincingly with a score of 9-2. They controlled the match from start to finish, however, RHN won a couple of ends with great layups that unfortunately PACE B were unable to turn over. A 7-point positive difference is still a good amount for their tally. 

Farnham Boccia Club was the next opponent. It was a disappointing display from the B team who never really got going. Hitesh, the captain of the B team was on the bench for the first half of the match due to fatigue. This likelihood was probably the cause of their slow start, failing on the basics – getting close to the Jack Ball, and cutting off scoring lanes for the other team. Their performance improved in the second half of the match but their frustrations grew as the ends progressed and they were unable to catch up to Farnham Boccia Club. The final score was 7-2. 

Everyone was bitterly disappointed with the outcome. As soon as the match finished, they all went outside to reset, recharge and focus on the last match of the day against Hackney Warriors in a simply must-win match. 

The B team bounced back in style, winning 5 out of six ends. A complete 180 from the last match, which shows great mental strength and character, qualities you need to go far in any sporting competition. Hitesh, Savraj, and Arinze all played amazingly well, playing confident, aggressive Boccia and were not afraid of pushing the Jack Ball into areas for easy points.  The final score was 9-3 to PACE B, a dominant performance. Showing on their day the B team can beat anyone. 
PACE B, Hackney Warriors, and Farnham Boccia Club all won two games and lost one. The final result will depend on which team accumulated the most points over the two days of competition. We will find out if PACE B did enough to qualify for Sheffield for a chance to be in the Boccia Super League next season. A big congratulations to everyone on the PACE B team, including parents, PAs and carers for the effort and commitment this season.



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